A. K. Child

This is the place for fun. I'll post some of my minor projects here, and maybe other stuff I enjoy. If fact, you never know what you might find lurking on this page, so come back often.

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Last Updated: 07/31/16

Fun Stuff

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Ghost Pack

The story of a young wolf who is given the coordinates to a mysterious location, only to find a place to belong. This story was a submission for a Halloween story contest.

Elephant Tears

After his entire pack is murdered, Hugo struggles to remember what happened. The sad truth is revealed through hypnosis. This story was a submission for a story contest involving hypnosis.

Extreme Hoarding

Spoof script of a hoarder reality show, featuring an intervention on a dragon.

Some of My Exercises

The Not Wholly Unexpected Demise of Dynamo

A superhero experiences the ultimate betrayl, leading to his grisley death. But at least someone walked away alive.

The Party

Janette was going to have the perfect dinner party and everything was fine right up until the wine arrived.


Other People's Work (Posted with Permission)

Writing Exercise by Michael Kreuter


OK Go! - White Knuckles

The Northern Virginia Bookstore