A. K. Child
Published Works

This page has my published works and links to purchasing books for sale. This will also include things that have been published online; primarily fanfic material and short stories published on various web sites. These stories will not be top editorial quality due to being more casual. One day I may come back to them and clean them up a bit more, but for now they are what they are.

Contact: akchild@akchildscifi-fantasy.com
Last Updated: 07/31/16

Published Works

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Ghost Pack

The story of a young wolf who is given the coordinates to a mysterious location, only to find a place to belong. This story was a submission for a Halloween story contest.

Elephant Tears

After his entire pack is murdered, Hugo struggles to remember what happened. The sad truth is revealed through hypnosis. This story was a submission for a story contest involving hypnosis.

Set in a Steampunk, Industrial Revolution world, Steamroller is the story of an aged smuggle who is hired to find something he never expected. Join Colton Reed on the adventure of a lifetime as he saves young Tick, and the world.

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Conspiracy's Doorstep