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Welcome to my page!

First, I would like to thank you for dropping by and taking an interest in my art. My two books, "Steamroller" and "The Scow: Free Flight," are available as both an e-book and in hard copy (The Scow is coming soon!) through most major retailers. Please see the "Published" tab for more information. I'm currently working on a rewrite of "Conspiracy's Doorstep," which you can find out more about on "In the Works," along with some of my other projects.

The "Education" page will have videos featuring me and other local writers dicussing the writing process, as well as resources if you are interested in kicking your own writing career in the backside. As with all things, I'm happy to put my eyes on the works of other writers who need a little advice on improving their art. If you're interested, feel free to drop a line via the contact information on this page.

The "Fun!" page is just that. Fun! No, not the band, though they're pretty awesome. What I plan to have here is short stories, links to games and other distractions, and whatever else I find of interest.

Contact: akchild@akchildscifi-fantasy.com
Last Updated: 07/31/16


You have arrived! What does that mean? To put it simply, it means this is my web site for all things writing. Those of you who don't know me, my name is A. K. Child, and I write. I write a lot.

It's not just about my writing though. I also hope to include education services about writing and things of interest to other writers. I plan to include other things as well that I hope will keep you coming back again and again. If you have questions about content or would like to see something included here, please let me know!

About Me

I'm originally from the Pacific Northwest but I currently live on the east coast. I pay the bills by working for the Government, but I keep myself insane by writing. I'm a big fan of writers groups and I'm involved with at least three of them, each with slightly different purposes. I'm also a regular participant in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and CampNaNoWriMo, and I'm one of two co-Municiple Liaisons for my region (this means I set up parties for NaNo participants). I have two published novels, which are available on my Published page. More should be added in the near future!

About My Writing

I mostly write what I call, "fluffy sci-fi." This means a lot of my settings and stories are future/sci-fi based, but I don't spend a lot of time worrying about technology. I prefer adventure and action, which means my stories tend to be quick-paced. I also like to throw in the absurd. Death, violence, and mayhem are my bread and butter...and...er...jam, I guess. I also like to throw in humor, particularly in the worst places. It's often humor that gets us through the most traumatic moments of our lives, and this is reflected in my characters.

I also write a good amount of fantasy. Much like my sci-fi, my fantasies focus on adventure. I'm not usually trying to make any kind of statement with my writing, no matter the genre. I'd rather just have fun with it, and I hope the reader has fun reading it. If they learn something about my world-views, great, but that's not a requirement at all.