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This page includes some of the bigger pieces I am currently working on. There will also be updates on pieces that are moving forward to completion. I may also include projects beyond typical writing that I may be working on at any given time.

Contact: akchild@akchildscifi-fantasy.com
Last Updated: 07/31/16

Works In Progress

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Conspriacy's Doorstep (Revised)


Conspiracy surrounds the birth of half-Tivensalian twins, Zy'Lin and Zy'Soln. Their father, Zy'Gossin, has abandoned the newborns, leaving them with the powerful Eiger family on Kaanish. Gossin has gone off in search of the evil Syndicate, who were responsible for the death of the twin's mother, a strange human-like woman named Ally. While Gossin seeks his revenge, the twins grow up surrounded by rampant racism and the hatred of the Eiger's daughter, Ashla, all in the ultimately failed attempt to keep them safe from the Syndicate.

Status: Currenly writing

The Scow: Free Flight


GalaXscow! The number one name in trash disposal. Run by the eccentric Memphis Tennessee, GalaXscow ships make stops at all the major inhabited planets to ensure trash collection and disposal in local stars. Everything was going great until one of the ships picked up a sentient computer virus, which decided to wreak havoc on the GalaXscow computer systems. Now Memphis is trapped in his own computers, his second in command, Marvin Thompson, has taken over the company, and Memphis' illigimate son, Nashville is stuck on a free-floating scow, heading into the deep reaches of space. Things can't get much worse. Oh wait, yes they can. And they very much will.

Status: Awaiting revision

Danth Jorran and the Cursed Tome


Danth Jorran is a child of prophecy, and ward of the Monk of the Order of Letters, Fiff Ora. Ora taught her everything he knew; gambling, fighting, and swearing like a sailor, primarily because he had no idea what else to do with her. And then the prophecy from the Nameless Goddess came, directly to Ora himself, just like the Goddess had bestowed Danth upon him. This prophecy spoke of the Serpent Cult's fictitious god, the foul dragon Aberlrallick, and the cursed book that would allow him to control dragon-kind and destroy humans for good. It's up to Danth to stop Aberlrallick before it's too late.

Status: Awaiting revision

Tempest Preteritus


Dana Tempest always knew she was different. Her ability to talk to squirrels was the first indication. Then when her abusive mother abandoned her, she was found by her great-grandfather, and the truth became apparent. She had an innate ability to use magic. The power originated in a large crystal her great-grandfather found in South America. The crystal holds a terrible secret though and stopping it falls on Dana's shoulders.

Status: Awaiting revision


Graphic Novel

A young Marine, Michael Carter, accidently becomes involved with the Okinawa Yakuza and they turn his life upside down. When the big boss, Omori Kuzo, decides that Michael's services are more valuable to the Yakuza than the Marines, he stages Michael's death to make him conveniently disappear. But NCIS agent, Sandra Hadley doesn't buy it, and neither does Michael's little sister, Alicia, who makes her way to Japan to find her brother. It all comes down to a fight against the powerful Yakuza, a corrupt police department, the last honest cop in Okinawa, a rogue NCIS agent, a teenage girl, and a guy who never wanted to be a criminal in the first place.

Status: Awaiting art

Black Wolf

6 Issues

Nearly finished with law school, Jenna Secola's life was going well. She planned to return to her home in Cass Lake, Minnesota and practice law to help her Tribe. Shortly before the end of school, her grandmother suffered a heart attack and her boyfriend raped her. Jenna quickly found her life in shambles, especially when she realized her boyfriend was somehow untouchable by the law. She finished her finals and went straight home to try to pick up the pieces while helping her grandmother recover. Most importantly, she found the power to fight back.

Status: Still Writing

The (Very Un-PC) Adventures of Brawny Woman


Tongue-in-cheek super hero adventure, following a beautiful college co-ed who is all muscle and no brain, along with her hyper-intelligent rabbit sidekick, Brainy Bunny. They battle an assortment of villains, from the notorious gangster, Mutton-Head Mulligan to the elderly curmudgeons, Geezer and Geezerette.

Status: Good question

Rogue-X (Pilot Episode)

Sci-fi TV Series

Captain Joshua Turner is a transporter for hire. He runs an aging Rogue-X class cargo ship (The Nightwind) that he inherited from his parents. The Nightwind has a small crew - Spyder, an alien lifeform who can manipulate others' minds to appear human, and Ghost, a very pale woman who never leaves the ship, and spends most of her time making sure everything is running smoothly. Captain Turner is hired by Terrafirma Industries to transport equipment to Cella, which is in the process of being terraformed. Once there, he finds much more than he bargained for, as the terraformers have unleashed a dangerous entity that threatens to harm the universe.

Status: Finished, registered with WGAW

Ketos (Pilot Episode)

Sci-fi TV Series

The planet Ketos has been settled for many years, but approximately 20 years ago it was a struck by a massive meteorite that caused a great rend in the planet. Everyone assumed the meteor would destroy the whole place, but mass evacuations weren't able to get everyone off the planet in time. Ketos did survive, but was vastly changed. Large monsters began appearing shortly the impact. No one is sure if these creatures came from the meteor, or if they had been lying dormant in the world's core only to be awaken by the meteor collision. Whatever the case, they had to be stopped to save the remaining population and bring Ketos back into order. Humans of both Ketos and the associated planets built giant mech suits to combat the threat, which never seems to end.

Status: Finished, registered with WGAW

CLAWS of Rebellion (Part I)


Alvin and Calvin Jacobs were born into a broken world. Wars had destroyed most civilization, leaving pockets of smaller villages to start over again. Arriving home after gathering water, they find their village destroyed by giant robots and they must run for their lives. They head into the nearby mountains, and end up in a cave as they try to hide from more patrolling robots. There they find an old robot that comes to live when the boys touch it. They're quickly discovered by the badguys are taken to a ruined city, where they meet an unexpected relative, and find themselves initiated into the freedom fighting group known as the Tech-Rebels.

Status: Finished, registered with WGAW